DCS has a philosophy that it is not fair to the Independent Resellers or End Users to promote Different Brands based on Differing Quality levels. Our experience is that everyone wants a product that will perform at a very high level (both in terms of Imaging Characteristics and Page Yield). Therefore, DCS truly has a Branding Strategy for the Aftermarket Industry... based on the Value of the Brand rather than the on the assumption that there is a large market for Inferior Performing Products.

TREND Products

TREND is the trademarked brand of compatible that DCS established many years ago. The TREND line offers a comprehensive selection of facsimile, inkjet, laser, MICR, copier, and maintenance kits products as well as a line of extra high yield cartridges that help facilitate MPS initiatives. The TREND brand has become synonymous with High Quality, Competitively Priced.

The Sharper Image Products

DCS owns the exclusive rights for The Sharper Image brand of compatible imaging supplies since 2007. Sharper Image is one of a very few "name brands" in the compatible industry. The brand recognition helps dealers convince their customers to give compatible products another chance (or even a first chance).

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This Lyra study best explains the value of having a strong Brand in the compatible market. The most important reason for not trying a compatible product is related to the lack of a Known Brand.

The Sharper Image is a premier name with over a $1 Billion invested to support the Brand during the past 30 years. Harness the power of the Brand for your team.