As an independent dealer, your business objectives are to increase revenues, reduce costs, and add long term value to your business. The concept of offering managed print services allows dealers to focus on those objectives while retaining more market share and more profitable, reoccurring business.

With the slowing economy, end users are scrutinizing every expense. One of those expenses being printing cost, which can account for an estimated 1-3% of business revenues. Both Gardner and Info Trends report an average savings of 28% based on a study of 128 end users under MPS programs. And while only 3% of the market is under contract today, that number is estimated to grow to 40% within the next 5 years.

Now there is a partner that can help. DCS introduces OptiPrint, an adaptable turnkey MPS program with Independent dealer objectives in mind. The OptiPrint program is structured around flexibility... tools and components can be selected as required to allow for customization of any dealer's managed print program. Independence is also a core value of the program, as the dealer has a partner (DCS) that will not be sharing customer information with the OEM's... who may have a vested interest in gaining market information from the ultimate customer, which will likely not benefit the dealer.